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Leaf Relief
Leaf Relief

# 1 Inspect your gutters and clean them if necessary.

If your gutters are full of shingle granules, leaves and other types of debris you can expect to find water over flowing your gutter when we receive medium to heavy rain.

Overflowing gutters are not able to do what they are intended to do if they are full. The whole idea is simple. Gutters ultimately, direct water away from your home where it cant begin to do harm. Your foundation and gutters will thank you for staying on top of this chore.

#2 Inspect and clean your down spouts if necessary.

They, like your gutters are trying to save you the cost of water damage to your foundation. If water isn't able to evacuate the gutter system and down spouts in the winter time the water will freeze. Which adds weight to your gutters that it wasn't intended to support and could result in damaging your gutter and replacing them.

Insure that the water is traveling away from your home once it evacuates the down spouts. If you're finding standing water or saturated soil around your down spouts then water isn't being directed far enough away from your home.

If you're simply not the DIY kind of homeowner that's ok. A and B Construction routinely helps homeowners prevent water problems by cleaning gutters and down spouts in the Fort Wayne, In area.

We also carry some great gutter debris protection products like Leaf Relief and EZ Step Down to keep your gutters flowing the way the are intended to and keep you from having to bi-annual maintenance on your gutter and down spout system.

Give us a call! We'd be happy to put together a quote to clean your gutters and/or give you the info needed to decide whether gutter protection is right for you!

Clogged Gutters
Clogged Gutters

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